Despite having chickens, I am not a huge fan of eggs. I have what can only be described as "egg issues".  I like scrambled eggs, or fried eggs if they are cooked VERY hard.  If I taste the tiniest bit of runny yolk, I am off my food (the result of being forced to eat runny yolked eggs as a kid).  So I was disappointed (but not surprised) that the taste of fresh eggs was hard for me to get used to.  They were just too eggy.  The yolk taste was intense.  I thought perhaps I really didn't like eggs after all.  Maybe I just thought I liked eggs all this time.  

"Crap"  I thought.  After all the trouble of raising chicks, I don't like their eggs.  

Well I kept trying.  Finally, with a little garlic salt, I enjoyed my egg.  If you haven't had a fresh chicken egg, you need to try them.  The color brighter, and taste like store bought eggs times 10.  If you live close enough, I am happy to give you a couple.  With each chicken laying 5-6 eggs a week, we have have eggs a plenty.  


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