One of the things that I try to do to save money and make my life easier is weekly menu planning.  Every Wednesday, I plan a weeks worth of meals.  Why Wednesday?  Because that is when the sale flyers come out.  I try to plan my meals based on what is on sale that week.  It also helps keep down wasted food. It's not a perfect process, but I manage to stick to the menu about 90% of the time.   On a related note, if you have a Sprouts market near you- shop there.  The prices are low and the produce is great.  If you shop the sales, you can fill your bags with fresh fruit and veggies for around $30.  Today I stocked up on avocados (we go through 1 a day usually) at .77¢ apiece. 
I wouldn't get anything done if it weren't for my Moby wrap*.  For those of you who are not into baby wearing, a Moby wrap is a long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and tuck tuck the baby in.  The twins have been super fussy lately and they don't like being apart, so I use mine everyday.  It is the only way I can do chores around the house and I couldn't grocery shop at all without it.  We are quite a sight at the store, me and my child army.  Usually it's Willow and one baby in the double stroller, one in the Moby, and Zoë walking.  I can only buy as much as I carry in my shopping bags.  I get a lot of sympathetic looks.  I also get a lot of "Oh, you must have your hands full" type comments.  Note- parents of multiples hate hearing that.  

Mostly I feel like a kangaroo.
*I really wanted to make a joke about Moby, the singer/techno guy, but I am not that clever.
The twins are six weeks old now.  I remember thinking before they were born "How am I ever going to manage two at a time, plus Zoë and Willow?".  Now, despite the chaos that is my life, I can't imagine it any other way.  

The tv went out yesterday.  We get sound, but no picture. My googlefoo tells me that it is probably the backlight power source.  Whatever.  I think it is probably a good thing.  The Mr. disagrees.  But it is too easy for me to get sucked into stupid shows and the kids got into the habit of watching too much when to twins were born because I was too sore and exhausted to do anything else. Anyhow, I am in no rush to fix it.  Between the tv, the iPhone, the iPad and the computer were all gonna get the black shakes.  Really...
Although I wouldn't mind it so much if it came with a visit from Henry Rollins.  

Back to work.

Aunt Pat

I love that moby wrap! What a good idea! You look beautiful! I love you! You are such a good wife and mother. I am so proud of you and Sunny.




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